Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My New Normal

I went to Curves today after getting out of work early, and walked in to find that only one other woman works out on Wednesdays at 4:30.  She is 75 years old.  Her name is Delores.  She has a lot to say.  A LOT.  Mostly about the temperature of the facility, which, according to her, was unacceptable.  I forgot my iPod so I just listened politely while she finished her workout, which, thankfully, did not take long.  Halfway through my own workout, three other women came in.  They were all very nice.  We introduced ourselves and they all talked while I focused on my workout.  When I was done, one of the ladies asked if I wouldn't mind talking more the next time I came in, because they would all like to hear my stories, and I was a bit too quiet.  Um, what?  I guess it's not okay to come in and "just" workout.  You also have to be entertaining.  I mumbled something about being a quiet person and they all sort of laughed as if to say "That won't last long".  Who knows, maybe I'll find myself interacting more with these women eventually, but honestly,  I'm there to lose weight, not to socialize.  I know that probably makes me stand out even more, but I'm okay with that.

Josh and I had a talk today about how we think things would be different if we had a baby.  This came up after I talked to a few different friends with young children who basically said that we should cherish this time, because once we have kids, our marriage will go to crap.  It's not that I believe that, exactly.  I think Josh and I have an amazing relationship, better than most, actually, so I don't think that we will go from amazing to crap after having a baby. But I'm smart enough to know that our relationship will change.  There will be more stress, less sleep, and more to worry about.  I will probably complain that he works too much, and he will probably complain that I pay more attention to the baby than to him.  He will retreat to the gym more than I will want him to and I will be struggling to lose whatever weight I gain after working so hard to lose it the first time, which I know will be very tough.  But we will figure it out.  In the mean time, I'd really like some people to tell me that it doesn't have to get worse.  That having a baby can actually take our relationship from amazing to even more amazing.  Just one example would suffice.  Anyone?

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